Cape Verde is pleasant year-round. Even during the so-called rainy season from mid-August to mid-October, weeks can go by without a downpour.

Thanks to cooling ocean currents and offshore winds, Cape Verde has the lowest temperatures of any country in West Africa, and also some of the most moderate, ranging from a minimum night-time average of 19°C (66°F) in February to a maximum daytime average of 29°C (84°F) from May to November.

Cape Verde summer temperatures, especially in the northern islands, can be cooler than in Europe, though the southern islands, especially Fogo, can get hot and sticky. From December to March you may need a sweater in the evenings, especially at higher altitudes. Winter months are also marked by gusty winds, which blow in dust all the way from the Sahara.

With direct flights from the UK, Sal is the most convenient island to visit and has the best range of hotels, some nightlife and wonderful expanses of white sand beaches. It offers a wide range of activities, water sports and excursions provide an excellent introduction to Cape Verde.

Santiago, with the capital Praia, is the most African of the islands, and provides a fascinating mix of culture, mountainous scenery and more tropical plantations than many of the other islands. It is not however an island so well suited for beach lovers.

São Vincente, in many ways provides the best combination. Mindelo, its capital is the cultural centre of the islands, and the beaches are some of the best to be found, particularly for wind surfers. Another bonus is the island of Santo Antão, with superb mountainous scenery is only a short ferry journey away. At present, the choice of hotels is quite limited.

For the more adventurous, book a twin-centre or island hopping option which will provide an opportunity to experience the rich diversity that is the Cape Verde Islands.

Whilst a week is easily whiled away lazing on a white sand beach, next to crystal clear waters, there is much more to do and see on the Islands. Excursions can provide both the opportunity to find out more about the island on which you are staying or take you off to explore one of the other islands. There are many activities including all kinds of water sports, horse riding, walking and fishing to keep you occupied. We can also organise more specialist trips for the blue water sports fisherman and bird-watching enthusiast.

Cape Verde Islands enjoy year round sunshine and because of their location in the Atlantic they enjoy fairly constant cooling breezes which keep the atmosphere mostly free of humidity.

Children are welcome everywhere as the Cape Verdeans love, and take excellent care of their young ones. They will love playing on the beaches and some of the hotels have small play areas and sections of the pool for children (largely unsupervised). However, with the exception of the Riu Funana and Garopa, there are few organised activities for children.

Whilst tourism, and its inevitable development, is still in its infancy other Europeans have been holidaying in the islands for several years. English is taught in schools, and is fairly common within hotels and restaurants.

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Cape Verde Islands - a natural retreat.

Map of the Cape Verde Islands (Click on image for larger map)

The Cape Verde Islands are some of the most captivating and beautiful islands that you can visit - unspoilt and unaffected by commercialism.

Some of the islands are barren and arid, whilst others have soaring mountains covered in lush, tropical vegetation. Here, you can find beautiful white sand beaches, combined with warm, turquoise blue, crystal clear seas.

Traditionally the islands were difficult to get to and the tourist infrastructure was fairly basic. However, European holidaymakers have now started travelling to the islands and there are now the first direct flights from the UK. The islands will not stay unspoilt for ever, but for now, they are one of the best kept secrets for a holiday destination.

The Cape Verde Islands offer a new, exciting destination with an excellent year round climate, glorious sandy beaches, warm seas and under 6 hours flying time from the UK. The diverse islands have a rich history and culture with warm and friendly people, fantastic water sports, and excellent walking for all levels.